The Ultimate World Whisky Tour

Explorer Safari

This subscription sends you on a journey through the world of whisky, one stop at a time. Join the trail and look forward to visiting a different theme every month, with two 10cl samples posted direct to your door.

A Different Theme Every Month

We call this whisky subscription a Safari because it’s all about discovery. Each month explores a different theme, with two whiskies of a certain style, origin or age ready for you to compare and contrast.

Share – Or Keep for Later!

Why not invite someone else along for the ride? Each Explorer Safari box contains two 10cl samples – that’s eight drams, which we believe is the perfect amount to give you a proper taste of each whisky, or even share the experience with a friend. Keen for more of a certain whisky? Join the W Club for exclusive discounts on your Explorer Safari discoveries!

Send a Friend on Safari & Buy as a Gift

The Explorer Safari is an ideal gift for intrepid whisky explorers. Treat a friend or family member to three, six or twelve months exploring the world of whisky and who knows, they might even ask you to join them...

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