For the Whisky Newbie
Dram-a-Month Deluxe


The Dram-a-Month subscription is the perfect introduction – or reintroduction – to whisky. Taste your way through classic, innovative and important whiskies one dram at a time, with a monthly 5cl sample sent directly to your door.

Become a Whisky All-Rounder

This is a whisky subscription for the curious drinker: from seminal drams to obscure creations and highly-anticipated new releases, the Dram-a-Month box introduces you to a broad variety of whisky styles. Ideal if you’re keen to learn more about our favourite spirit.

Find Your Favourites

The Dram-a-Month whisky subscription covers the full spectrum of whisky styles, including different regions, grain varieties and finishes, making it a great way to discover your whisky niche! Why not join The W Club to access exclusive discounts on the whiskies you’ve tried as part of your subscription?

The Gift of Whisky Wisdom

Whether you’re Secret Santa to a whisky lover, or are seeking the perfect gift for someone who’s just discovered whisky, you can’t go wrong with the Dram-a-Month subscription. Available in three, six and twelve month gift options, it’s the ultimate whisky gift solution!

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