The W Club Terms & Conditions

Auction Terms & Conditions

  1. The purpose of the auction facility on The W Club web site is to sell items (“lots”) to the highest bidder.
  2. Auctions will be conducted online by GlenKeir Whiskies Ltd, trading as The Whisky Shop and\or The W Club.
  3. All bidders shall comply with requirements for registration and conduct of the auction as posted on The W Club website.
  4. All lots advertised for auction will meet the description given.
  5. In the event that any of the lots are second hand, they will have been closely inspected by us and, at our discretion, their condition reported on in good faith and for information purposes only. We do not guarantee the condition or otherwise of second hand lots.
  6. New lots will be sold as new and are sold in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of The Whisky Shop.
  7. Where a lot sold is the property of The Whisky Shop, provenance and title are guaranteed. Where a lot is sold on behalf of a third party, it will have been carefully examined by us for authenticity, but it's title and provenance cannot be guaranteed. It is bid for and acquired at the buyer's risk.
  8. The bidding process will be as indicated on the site.
  9. No person under the age of eighteen years shall be entitled to bid for a lot.
  10. All estimate prices given and all bids made and received shall be net of VAT, if applicable.
  11. In the course of any auction, we shall be entitled to treat any bid received for a lot as an irrevocable offer, capable of acceptance, for the lot in question at the bid price, net of VAT, if applicable.
  12. If a reserve price is indicated for a lot, at our discretion, it may be sold at a bid price under the reserve or it may be withdrawn if the reserve price is not met.
  13. If we elect to bring the hammer down on a lot, we shall be entitled to treat that as a binding contract of sale between us and the successful bidder at the bid price, net of VAT, subject to payment and delivery.
  14. Lots knocked down to a bidder shall be paid for in full by the bidder within 7 days of the date of the auction.
  15. Upon completion of the auction, each successful bidder will receive a statement from The Whisky Shop showing the bid price payable, the amount of VAT, if any, and the delivery charge if the bidder has elected to have the lot delivered.
  16. Only upon settlement of the price and additional charges, shall The Whisky Shop be bound to deliver the item to the successful bidder.
  17. Lots despatched to bidders will be at their own risk.
  18. If a bidder fails to settle his bill in full within 14 days of the auction date, we shall be entitled to re-sell the lot at whatever price is reasonably achievable and account to the original bidder for any surplus and/or claim any deficit.
  19. Except as provided for here, the terms and conditions of The Whisky Shop shall apply to all purchases and deliveries.

The W Club is a trading name of GlenKeir Whiskies Limited.


Company Reg. No: SC 261795

VAT No: 829 8429 79

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