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Whisky Subscriptions

What is the difference between the Explorer Safari, Dram-a-Month Deluxe and Dram-a-Month whisky subscriptions?

The three different whisky subscriptions we offer allow you to find something that suits both your budget and your knowledge of whisky.

The Dram-a-Month subscription. Sign up for this, and you can expect one 5cl dram (that’s the same as two typical measures of whisky) through the post each month, with tasting notes included. The samples sent will give you a great introductory knowledge to whisky, representing seminal or ‘must-try’ styles from across the world of whisky. This whisky subscription is perfect for those who have just started out in their appreciation of whisky, as it will help you build a fantastic foundation knowledge.

The Dram-a-Month Deluxe subscription. Recipients can expect one 5cl dram (that’s the same as two typical measures) of an exceptional, rare or expensive whisky through the post each month, with tasting notes included. This whisky subscription has been created to give you a chance to try whiskies that you may otherwise be unable to purchase – be it because they are limited releases or are more than the typical consumer’s budget. In essence, the Dram-a-Month Deluxe gives you the opportunity to try 12 sought after and prized whiskies throughout the year, without breaking the bank. This is the perfect whisky subscription for avid whisky drinkers who are keen to expand their experience.

The Explorer Safari subscription is a whisky tasting voyage, delivered straight to your door one stop at a time. Recipients can expect two 10cl bottles of whisky through the post each month (that’s the same as 4 measures of whisky in each bottle!). Each month, your Explorer Safari box will be designed around a different theme; the two whiskies delivered may represent a certain region, style, distillery or year. This whisky subscription is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the world of whisky. You’ll explore the nuances of various liquids, comparing and contrasting two carefully selected whiskies with each delivery. It’s the ideal subscription box for someone who wants to spend time exploring whisky in exciting and unexpected ways. And, with 8 drams in each box, it’s ideal for sharing too.

Is postage included in the cost?

Yes, all our whisky subscription prices include the cost of postage and packaging to a UK address.

When will my whisky subscription payment be debited from my account?

We will take all whisky subscription payments on the 1st of each month.

How do I pay for my whisky subscription?

Payments will be processed as a regular and secure debit or credit card payment via Stripe. Read more about Stripe here.

When will my whisky subscription box arrive?

Your whisky subscription box will typically be posted mid-month if you’ve subscribed or activated it before the second week of the month, or if you’re on a rolling subscription. The dispatch date should be between the 9th and 18th depending where weekends fall that month.

Subscriptions purchased or activated after the initial dispatch will be sent out within two working days of activation.

All subscription boxes are tracked and once dispatched should arrive within 2-5 working days.

How do gift subscriptions work?

Gift subscriptions are available for each of the three subscription types (Explorer Safari, Dram-a-Month Deluxe and Dram-a-Month) for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Gift subscriptions arrive as an activation card showing a unique code. The recipient then uses this code to ‘activate’ their subscription at a time to suit them. That means you can purchase a gift subscription well in advance and maintain the element of ‘surprise’ until the right day!

Please note: the delivery address for the activation gift card is not necessarily the delivery address we’ll send subscription boxes to when the account is activated. Upon activation, we’ll ask the recipient to provide their preferred delivery address for their subscription boxes.

If we notice that the delivery detail are for the gift purchaser (i.e. we are not posting direct to the recipient) we’ll pop the gift activation card in an unsealed gold envelope, allowing you the opportunity to include your own message/note/card.

If you’ve chosen to send your gift subscription direct to the recipient, the activation card will be supplied in a sealed gold envelope addressed to the recipient.

What if I need to cancel my whisky subscription?

If you have signed up online for a rolling whisky subscription (i.e. not via a pre-paid gift purchase) you can cancel your subscription at any time. Payment for your upcoming whisky subscription will be taken on the 1st of each month, so you will need to cancel before the last working day of the month in order to stop payment and delivery of your upcoming box.

Can I change the delivery address for my whisky subscription?

Of course – simply sign in to your account and update your delivery details. Please note: delivery details altered after the 10th of the month will not be implemented for that month’s delivery.

Can I upgrade (or downgrade) my whisky subscription?

Of course – if you’d like to change to a different whisky subscription, all you need to do is pick up the phone and let us know before your next payment is taken out on the 1st of the month.

Call +44 (0)141 427 2919 and we’ll change your account to your new subscription of choice.

I need to pause my subscription – what do I do?

We currently don’t offer this function, however we’re working on it and should have something set up very soon.

Can I transfer my whisky subscription to someone else?

Absolutely – you’ll need to call us on +44 (0)141 427 2919 to do so. Make sure you have your account login details handy so that we can change the account for you.

When will my whisky subscription arrive?

Our whisky subscription boxes will be posted out during the second week of the month, so you should expect your delivery around this time. We’ll let you know when your box is on its way.

If you’ve signed up for a whisky subscription after the 10th of the month, we’ll get your first delivery out to you before the month is up. You can then expect your subsequent deliveries to arrive mid-month going forward.

I am not a UK resident – can I sign up for a W Club whisky subscription?

Unfortunately, our whisky subscriptions can only currently be delivered to UK residents. Non-UK residents are able to purchase subscriptions to a UK address (for example, as a gift).

My subscription box hasn’t arrived when expected this month – what should I do?

If you’ve waited longer than anticipated for your whisky subscription box, please let us know by contacting as soon as you can.

My subscription box and/or its contents were broken or damaged – what should I do?

While we do our best to ensure that all W Club subscription boxes arrive intact and beautifully presented, accidents do happen. Should you receive a subscription box that is damaged, broken, or you believe has been tampered with, please let us know immediately by emailing If you can include a photograph of the item with your email, that would be great. We will then replace the damaged item.

I’ve received the wrong subscription box.

If you’ve received the wrong whisky subscription product, please let us know immediately on or by calling +44 (0)141 427 2919 and one of our logistics specialists will take it from there.

May I return my whisky subscription box for a refund?

If we’ve made an error with your delivery, or you are unhappy with the contents of your whisky subscription box, then please email

Typically, we cannot refund whisky subscriptions unless an item has been wrongly delivered, damaged or tampered with during transit.

The W Club

What is included in The W Club membership?

As a member of The W Club you will have access to a wide range of benefits, accessible both online and in store at The Whisky Shop across the UK. Find your nearest store.

These include: exclusive offers and discounts, available only to whisky club members; a quarterly copy of Whiskeria magazine (cover price £3.49) delivered to your door for free; invitations to tastings hosted by your local branch of The Whisky Shop; opportunities to enter competitions unavailable to non-whisky club members; priority notice on limited edition bottlings and new releases arriving at The Whisky Shop; behind the scenes distillery information; members only bottlings, with the occasional opportunity to join the tasting panel and help select the next whisky; the chance to join The W Club community and discuss whisky with fellow members.

I live outside the UK – can I still join The W Club?

Non-UK residents are welcome to join The W Club, however please note that free delivery of Whiskeria magazine and tasting panel opportunities will not be included in your membership.

If you would like to receive Whiskeria magazine to an overseas address, please call +44 (0)141 427 2919 and we’ll be happy to discuss postage costs with you.

I’ve lost or broken my W Club membership card – what should I do?

Let us know right away and we will replace your card, so you can continue to reap all the benefits of W Club membership.

I’ve moved house – how do I change my delivery address details?

Simply sign into ‘my account’ and update the address details shown. Remember to change your nearest store too, if this is applicable.

My quarterly copy of Whiskeria magazine hasn’t arrived.

If your latest copy of Whiskeria hasn’t arrived, just let us know by emailing or calling +44 (0)141 427 2919 and we’ll pop another copy in the post for you.

I can no longer attend a W Club whisky tasting at my local store – what should I do?

If you’ve signed up for a tasting run by your local branch of The Whisky Shop and find yourself unable to attend, please let us know as early as possible by calling +44 (0)141 427 2919 so we can allocate the place to another member (and refund you if applicable).

I bought a W Club membership as a gift, but nothing has arrived.

If you’ve bought a W Club membership but the card hasn’t shown up, please tell us as soon as possible by emailing or calling +44 (0)141 427 2919.

We’ll let you (or the recipient) know their membership number so they can begin benefitting from their W Club membership, and will put another card in the post for you right away.

How much notice do I need to give to stop the auto-renewal of my annual W Club membership?

By logging into ‘my account’, you’ll be able to see when your current annual membership to The W Club is set to expire. To opt-out of auto-renewal, simply follow the instructions shown on your account page.

I’m having trouble accessing the W Club members only offers.

If you have an existing customer account at that uses a different email address to the one linked with your W Club account, you won’t be able to access our members only offers while logged into that account.

Please log out of your customer account, then access the offers again via our members-only hub on

If you’re still having trouble, we’re here to help: call +44 (0)141 427 2919 or email

How do I find out when my W Club membership is due to expire?

By logging into ‘my account’, you’ll be able to see when your current annual membership to The W Club is set to expire.

Whisky Wednesdays

There are four main points that define Whisky Wednesdays:

  • Whisky Wednesday deals are only available to current active members of the W Club
  • Whisky Wednesday deals are limited to a handful of carefully chosen products, and only limited number of each product will be available to all members of the W Club
  • Purchase is limited to one bottle of any given whisky per customer – you may buy multiple different products but no more than one of the same product
  • Whisky Wednesday deals are available for 24-hours only

Whisky Wednesday deals can only be accessed by active W Club members. If you’re an active W Club member, you’ll receive a ‘sale now open’ email on Wednesday morning that’ll send you directly to the W Club members offer page on

Once the allocated number of offer bottles are gone, they’re gone, and no more will be put on sale at the offer price.

The usual delivery charges still apply to online orders for Whisky Wednesdays. Bottles can also be requested for delivery at any branch of The Whisky Shop with delivery charges applied. If you see a Whisky Wednesday deal online and would like to purchase the item in store that day, please ask to speak to the store manager.

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