Whisky Trippin’ – Islay Day Three Part One

We need a a stroke of luck on our final day on Islay and we get it – big time.

Our decision to delay going out until after breakfast is vindicated by grim conditions at 6am but a bright dawn and even sunshine by 8am. And day three turns out to be our best day yet, giving us a hattrick of dry days -the first time that’s happened on Islay in about eight months.

The plan today is to head down to the holy trinity of distilleries to the south of Islay – Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg-  so we say goodbye to our new bartending friends – well those of them who managed to make an appearance at breakfast and can speak – as they depart for Auchentoshan and off we go.

Laphroaig is the game clincher as far as photography for the trip is concerned. We are given permission to wander at will so while I go down to the beach and stare out over the rocky outcrops, Colin and Simon set about filming first in the still room and then in the maltings. In the latter they hit paydirt – the kilns have been fired up and Colin gets dramatic shots of peat flame and smoke. These pictures are, he says, the best he’s taken so far, and they are definitively Islay.

He’s happier than he’s been on the whiole trip from a professional point of view. It’s only mid morning but we’re already in the home strait…

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