We have our first major winner!!

If two of the great passions of your life are whisky and photography, then a three day photographic trip to Islay with one of the world’s best landscape photographers is arguably as goods as it gets.

And that’s exactly what London-based Simon Swaby is looking forward to on Sunday, when he joins celebrated photographer Colin Prior on an all expenses paid, three day and three night trip to the west coast island as winner of the first major W Club competition.

The Whisky Shop is to hold its own Islay Festival over May and June,  with each of the island’s eight distilleries featured across the whole estate for a week each. And to provide top quality  window imagery we’ve recruited Colin Prior to photograph Islay. But there’s a twist – he’s been asked to catch a symbolic representation of each distillery rather than taken pictures of the distilleries themselves.

Simon was selected from the W Club members who signed up to the club last Thursday and Friday. He will be flown to Islay on Sunday evening and will then escort Colin around the island, visiting all the distilleries and spending three nights at the celebrated Harbour Inn. He’ll have plenty of time for VIP distillery tours, lots of tastings and the chances to enjoy ‘access all areas’ as the distilleries welcome their celebrated guests.

I’ll be on Islay from Monday evening to Wednesday evening to capture all the highlights and blog. Follow me here…

To see Colin’s work go to www.colinprior.co.uk

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  1. Mark Hughes says:

    Congratulations Simon. By the sounds of it you will have an absolute blast! And well done to the W Club – these fantastic competitions are generating a lot of excitement out there (including me too)

  2. jw says:

    Well done Simon,lucky **** ;-)
    Colin, how about a picture of Ginger Wullie for Bowmore.


    Congratulations Simon, you’ll have a fantastic time.

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