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Laphroaig 15 year old 200th Anniversary bottling

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Hidden gems – Balvenie

Posted: Wednesday 10th February, 2016 | 1:25 pm | Written by

Balvenie is a wonderful distillery making some of the world’s finest malts, says Dom. It’s well earth a visit, but leave yourself plenty of time…     As every serious whisky fan knows, if you’ve seen one distillery, you really haven’t seen them all. Unlike big breweries, which are soulless, featureless, people-free factories that... 

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Whiskey Pancake Syrup! Rye Whiskey and Syrup is a match made in heaven…

Posted: Tuesday 9th February, 2016 | 11:49 am | Written by

It’s Pancake Tuesday! We all love pancakes; they’re tasty little golden delights that melt in the mouth. But here at The W Club we appreciate another golden delight… obviously, we’re talking about whisky!  “But, how” – I hear you ask – “do we combine these two wondrous creations?”. Three words: Whiskey. Maple. Syrup. Now, you’re... 

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Whisky made simple: Dom’s jargon buster

Posted: Thursday 4th February, 2016 | 3:21 pm | Written by

The world of whisky is a confusing one, full of jargon and technical descriptors. So Dom cuts to the chase and explains what’s what Listen to some whisky connoisseurs, or read books written by a number of so-called experts, and you’d be forgiven for concluding you needed a degree in rocket science and a diploma in hospitality to make any sense... 

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What I Liked Last Week

Posted: Monday 1st February, 2016 | 4:55 pm | Written by

Burns’ Night started a week of whisky tastings in the East of England, says Dom, and three Whisky Shop malts were big winners on the nights.  You know how the marketing folk have turned the quaint and under-firing Hallow’een in to a major gore-fest under the name ‘Trick Or Treat Day’? Well, something similar is happening in some parts of the... 

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Tasting Notes

by Dominic Roskrow

A novice’s guide to Whisky – The Glenfiddich Original

The first in this series, Bryan takes us on his journey through whisky. Starting with the Glasgow launch of  Glenfiddich’s – The Original... 

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Diageo special releases part 3

  In the final part of his series on Diageo’s new releases, Dom looks at three more excellent whiskies     Having now tasted all nine of Diageo’s... 

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Diageo Special Releases Part 2

In the second part of his three part series, Dom checks out the latest releases from three big distillery names I hold New Zealand citizenship and am... 

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Diageo Special Releases Part 1

“Diageo has surpassed itself with this year’s nine Special Releases”, says Dom     It’s arguably the highlight of the whisky enthusiast’s... 

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